The 40 Richest Ever NBA Players And The Women Behind Them

It’s fair to say that Michael Jordan and the rest of these past and present NBA legends have done all right for themselves in the amassing-a-fortune stakes. And while each is blessed with world-class basketball ability and a healthy dose of business acumen, they all have something else in common too: the backing of exceptional woman. Read on to discover more about the women behind the scenes.

40. Michael Finley – $65 million

Michael Finley enjoyed a 15-year career in the NBA, most notably winning a championship title in 2007 as the San Antonio Spurs’ small forward. Nowadays, though, he’s a film producer with credits including awards-bait movies The Birth of a Nation and The Butler. His net worth is reportedly $65 million.

Rebekah Hosey

Finley and Rebekah Hosey were already parents to son Micah by the time they wed in Horseshoe Bay, Texas, in 2006, and since then the couple have gone on to have two other children. Hosey earned herself a degree in business management before becoming a personal trainer and keen supporter of charities.

39. Paul Pierce – $70 million

Lucrative marketing deals with the likes of Attitude Drinks have helped Paul Pierce achieve a reported current net worth of $70 million. In fact, in 2013 the ex-Los Angeles Clippers small forward was, according to Forbes, one of the 100 highest-paid sportsmen in the world. Four years after he was honored with that accolade, though, Pierce wound up his basketball career.

Julie Pierce

Pierce met his future wife Julie Landrum in 2006, and approximately two years later the couple had their first of three children, Prianna Lee. Then, in 2010, they married on the sunny Californian coast – complete with Prianna as their flower girl. The Pierces would later add to their family unit with the births of Adrian Tanya and Prince Paul. Though in 2021, it was reported that the couple was divorced. But Pierce still credits his ex for supporting him through the toughest times of his career.