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30 Twin Telepathy Stories To Freak You Out

When someone asks Reddit a question like “What’s the craziest experience of ‘Twin Telepathy’ you and your twin have had?” or “What is your most unexplainable experience with your twin?” you really need to pay attention. You just know the stories inside are going to blow your mind. These mysterious tales are totally unexplainable — and hella freaky.

Please note: entries have sometimes been lightly edited for clarity and length.

A death in the family

“My uncle had a twin. My grandma said the day his twin got lost, he was very upset. He woke up in the middle of the night and ran to her crying, ‘He is dead.’ They found his body in the ditch the next morning. Apparently a hit-and-run. Time of death was eerily close to the time my uncle woke up his mother.” — anonymous

Search your feelings

“I’m a complete scientific skeptic and completely aware that there is nothing supernatural about this, but it’s still very odd. Around the time (the same hour) that my twin sister died, I fainted for the first time in my life. I was not aware she had died (it was an aortic aneurysm, totally out of the blue, she was 23 and healthy). I was at work and just fainted. I wasn’t sick and never fainted before. I just collapsed to the floor with no warning and was unconscious for around five seconds, I think. While I was sitting and being looked at by the first aider at work, I got the call to go to the hospital as she had been taken in. She had already died at home, though. Worst day of my life.” — marilokisky

While you were sleeping

“My aunt and dad were twins. My aunt woke up in the middle of the night from an odd dream. She even woke my uncle up to tell him about it. In the dream, my dad told her to take care of my sister and me. He told my aunt he was leaving and needed her to look after us. She said the dream really shook her. That morning we found out my dad died in his sleep.” — IndiaLeigh

Dream of a funeral

“I’m an identical twin. My brother and I are very close. There was a brief period of time when my brother and I would longboard [under the influence]. I had an extremely vivid dream one night of my brother’s funeral. The dream started with me at an altar and a crowd of people sitting in pews. I looked down at the altar and noticed a sheet of paper, so I began reading it aloud. It described, in detail, how my brother died longboarding down a hill and getting hit by a car. I remember reading it and having this incredibly eerie feeling, like I was having some sort of premonition or something... I woke up sobbing incredibly hard, finding it hard to breathe... I wrote a lengthy text describing my dream and asking him to promise not to longboard under any sort of influence any time soon. We both quit longboarding shortly after.” — Negh