Two Men Thought They Were Brothers Until A Mix-Up Exposed The Truth

William and Wilber Cañas Velasco grew up thinking they were fraternal twins. They lived in the countryside, never knowing what the capital city of Bogotá was like. But in those distant city blocks were two boys a lot like them. It would take over a decade and a half for the boys to meet, and for the hopsital's grave error to finally be exposed. No one's life would be the same after.

Not the same story

We’ve all heard the story of twins being separated at birth. The Parent Trap, anyone? But this is the story of two sets of twins who got mistakenly paired with the wrong siblings. It took a perfect set of coincidences for the error to happen — and to be noticed years later.

Not quite mirror image

In the city, Carlos Alberto and Jorge Enrique Bernal Castro also thought they were fraternal twins...even though their faces and frames took on totally different shapes as they got older. They would have brushed off this fact for their entire lives had a friend not pointed something out to them.

The grocery store

In the summer of 2013, Janeth Páez was at a grocery store in northern Bogata — a store where her good friend William worked behind the counter. As a matter of fact, Janeth saw him there all the time.

Employee discount

Besides just saying hello, Janeth wanted to ask him for a discount on her order. He was cutting up beef and pigs’ feet when she came up to him, hoping to get a sweet deal on some ribs. And she wasn't the only one at the counter