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Common Foods We've Always Put In The Fridge That Shouldn't Ever Go In There

Ketchup is cool to be kept in the refrigerator, right? And garlic and onions stay fresher for longer if they’re allowed to chill, don’t they? Well, no! Sometimes your food actually turns bad because it’s too cold. There are so many items best left in a cupboard, on a shelf, or on the counter. And if you know what goes where, you may just save your dinner from being spoiled — as well as a little money in the process...


It may seem a good idea to place your fresh bananas in the chiller — but think twice before you do! If they’re still a bit green, then refrigerating them will not allow them to yellow and ripen. Instead, they’ll turn black and go mushy. Once they’re a healthy yellow, though? Putting them in the refrigerator is totally fine.


Most of us are sweet on a bit of honey spread onto a warm piece of toast, or perhaps a generous spoonful on top of a hearty bowl of oatmeal. But there are few things more calamitous in the kitchen than honey gone granular and gritty. To avoid this horrible fate, keep your sweet stuff away from the refrigerator. Then, hopefully, things should run smoothly!


Want to ruin a perfectly good piece of chocolate? Try putting your favorite bar on a shelf in the fridge. Leave it long enough, and the chocolate can develop a strange coating once it’s at room temperature again. The change in atmosphere may even cause your candy to have a weird new texture and taste. A cool cupboard is best for your secret stash instead.

Olive oil

You should face a dressing down for even thinking about putting olive oil in the fridge! At low temperatures, it becomes cloudy and its texture turns thicker — almost butter-like, in fact. But this won’t taste nearly as good as butter, so don’t chance it. Instead, you should keep your olive oil somewhere dark and cool. A cupboard is perfect!