Titanic Survivors Reveal What The Sinking Was Actually Like

We’re all familiar with the heartbreaking romance that Jack and Rose shared in the 1997 blockbuster hit Titanic. But believe it or not, there were plenty of real people who lived to tell the tale of the most infamous shipwreck in history. There’s still a lot of mystery surrounding what it was actually like to be on board before the ship went down. These stories from real survivors of the RMS Titanic shed new light on that doomed voyage. 

Locked inside

Many third-class passengers were locked in their quarters as the Titanic took on water. According to third-class passenger t, many of the passageways were also locked as she desperately struggled to escape.  

Lovers parted

Eventually, Elin was allowed onto a lifeboat, but her husband wasn’t so lucky. After watching the sea for hours hoping for him to arrive at the rescue ship, she realized she’d never see him again.  

Heroic ship workers

A single, 53-year-old feminist, Helen Churchill Candee, was amazed at the heroism of many of the ship’s workers in the face of utter disaster. Even as they feared for their own lives, they were willing to sacrifice it all to rescue others. 

Submerged in the labyrinth

Helen vividly remembers a group of steam engine workers making it out of the labyrinth of submerged decks below only to be ordered back down to save several passengers from drowning. Unfortunately, many of them never returned.