20 Celebrities Who Weren’t The Best Guests When They Stayed In Hotels

From smashed TVs, to drug abuse, to hard-partying armadillos, it seems there’s nothing some stars love more than laying waste to a nice hotel room. In the below list we take a look at twenty of the worst celebrity hotel guests. And it isn’t just bands – actors show they can abuse hotel staff just as well as rock stars! From the usual suspects (Charlie Sheen) to the more surprising perpetrators (John Travolta?) we explore the many creative ways actors, musicians, and artists misbehave while away from home.

20. Michael Jackson

Might as well kick off this list with one of the weirder ways to get barred from a hotel: dressing as a Disney character. It’s said that Michael Jackson was banned from staying at London’s Dorchester Hotel due to the “circus” he always brought along with him. In one particularly odd incident in 2005, he terrified a maid when he greeted her dressed like Mickey Mouse.

19. Nicki Minaj

The Dorchester doesn’t play around. In yet another incident at the hotel, Nicki Minaj fans stormed the premises, fighting and spraying graffiti on the walls. Ms. Minaj was asked to leave, though she didn’t seem too bothered, as she later tweeted: “We’ve officially been kicked out of the hotel! Lmaoooooooo.”

18. John Travolta

John Travolta supposedly lost his spa privileges at the New York Peninsula Hotel after the male employees expressed dismay over his “creepy” overtures during massages. One worker at the hotel says he behaved badly in the spa, and that was enough to see him excluded.

17. Christian Bale

Yet again, trouble at the Dorchester! This time with Batman himself, Christian Bale. Bale, who isn’t exactly known for his even temper, caused a stir back in 2008 when he was accused of shoving both his mother and sister while inside his suite. He wasn’t charged, but news of the incident didn’t do wonders for his reputation.