These Royal Rules Tell Kate Middleton What She’s Not Allowed To Do

We all know that members of the royal family have to follow some pretty strict rules. And Kate is certainly no exception. Far from it, in fact. Her position as the future queen consort means there are actually tons of things she can and can’t do. Though the duchess has been known to sneakily break protocol every now and again. You’d have to, right?

1. Keep skirts long

A lot of the rules are about appropriate dress. Specifically, royals need to dress modestly and not show too much skin – especially if the paparazzi are about. As a result, Kate’s skirts are always knee-length or longer. And if it ever looks like she has bare legs, she’s probably wearing nude pantyhose. Pantyhose are an absolute must in front of the monarch.

2. Hats are a must

Kate also often wears a hat whenever she’s attending events, and the reason for that stretches back decades. In the 1950s, it wasn’t thought seemly for upper-class ladies to display their hair in public. And while times have changed, the hats remain. The Duchess is also required to wear a tiara at royal dining events. In certain circles, this is a symbol of marriage.

3. Dresses should be weighted down

Kate’s had a couple of accidents where her skirt blew up in the wind. In 2012 Jenny Packham, one of Kate’s designers, told the Evening Standard, “I had a little handwritten letter from a lady in Wisconsin passionately criticizing me for the primrose yellow shift dress I made for the duchess. She said didn’t I know about putting weights around the bottom of a hem, so it can’t blow up?”

4. She must stay demure

A female member of the family must always sit with their legs together and their chin parallel to the ground. Nope, royals don’t cross their legs at the top but keep their thighs next to each other. Kate must also master the chin-slant. That way, she doesn’t seem unsure, but she doesn’t appear cocky either.