Retail Workers Came Clean About The Black Friday Moments They Wish They Could Forget

It’s the day after Thanksgiving and some people are ready to do anything for a bargain – like, literally anything. But as an employee explained, “You see the worst of humanity on Black Friday.” And if these horrifying stories from retail workers on the front lines are any indication, you might want to consider shopping online from now on.

40. The line of best fit

A store worker told the Business Insider website in 2019, “I once saw a fight between strangers because someone changed lines. They did not cut in line, they just got behind the other line. And someone in front of that person – so no way they were being affected – decided to verbally attack this person.” Savory words were exchanged. Right in front of their kids.

39. Crutch control

In certain cases, even injuries aren’t enough to stop some rabid shoppers. Not even a broken leg. “One year when I had just begun my shift a customer with a broken leg tried to hit me with one of his crutches,” a salesperson told Business Insider. The offence? “Because I didn’t know where we were keeping a particular item.” Ouch.

38. Coffee break

It seems that some customers just aren’t satisfied with the massive price drops that even Black Friday has to offer. “I’ve had a woman pour her coffee on the ground because we wouldn’t give her an extra discount,” a store employee recalled. “She maintained eye contact while pouring the coffee.” If you do the math, that's even worse of a deal. No use crying over spilt coffee, though.

37. Stock take

Customers might have their hearts set on certain purchases. And if they don’t find what they’re looking for, their behavior can become very unusual. They may even become suspicious of shop workers. As one explained, “I had someone follow me into the stock room to see if I was lying about being out of something.”