The Rules Playboy Bunnies Had To Follow In 1969

In the 1960s, few jobs seemed as glamorous as being a Playboy Bunny. These waitresses, who worked in the very exclusive and secretive Playboy Bars, were stylish and beautiful and earned wages big enough to buy their own homes in a time when women still lacked financial autonomy. But beneath the visage, this gig wasn’t as glamorous as it looked. It was hard to get and even harder to keep; Bunnies had to follow some very strict rules. Each was even given a pamphlet that detailed all these rules... and we’ve managed to get a closer look at that fascinating document.

Non-negotiable instruction for the Bunnies

The glamorous Playboy Bunnies were front and center when, in 1960, the very first Playboy Club opened its doors. These hosts helped establish Playboy as a global brand. In the 31 years that the Clubs were open, they enjoyed wide renown.

Yet to maintain their positions and avoid any potential headaches, the Bunnies had to memorize nearly 30 pages of non-negotiable instructions from a pamphlet. The document was simply titled The Playboy Club Bunny Manual.

The Playboy Club Bunny Manual

Thanks to Bunny Regina, a worker at the Detroit Playboy Club in Michigan between 1968 and 1969, the eye-opening pamphlet has finally come to the public’s attention. And boy, does it make for intriguing reading.

Bunny Regina shared her copy dated from July 1968 on the Ex-Playboy Bunnies website. The manual is divided into five different sections in total, with a lengthy introduction setting the scene. So let’s dive into it!

“Great pride” in the Bunnies

After welcoming the women to “the world of Playboy,” the manual explained why the role was so special. It read, “You can take great pride in being selected as a Bunny; it’s a job that you will find is both unique and exciting.”

“The Playboy Bunny has created a new definition and standard for charm, beauty, and friendly service.” From there, the pamphlet also celebrated the reputation of the Playboy Clubs, recognizing the Bunnies’ role in that.

Aspiring Bunnies faced stiff competition

So you might be wondering: what was the recruitment process like? Was it simple? Well, if you were interested in becoming a Bunny back then, you would’ve faced a lot of competition.

The manual maintained, “To guarantee the high standards which our Keyholders have come to expect, we are extremely selective in our Bunny hiring procedures. For instance, in opening a recent club, we interviewed 500 girls but only selected 40 as having the personality and physical beauty required of our Bunnies.”