Man Unearthed Strange Old Bottle Only To Later Learn It Was A Mistake

Shane Mears may be a bartender, but his real passion is digging up weird things. He spends his free time in New Orleans searching the ground for strange and rare artifacts. But one particular discovery Shane made along the Mississippi River was so dark that worried onlookers were urging him to "put it back."

"Run away very fast"

Shane, known locally as the "Cajun Swamp Whisperer," was a natural explorer. What many take for granted — the ground, the rivers, the history of the city — he saw as an opportunity for hidden treasure. But the problem with hunting in New Orleans, he knew, was that there was a good chance you could find something positively creepy.

Swimming pool detective

Still, Shane was asked by for tips on where to look for treasure in July 2020, and his reply was pretty domestic: "I love it when somebody is building a swimming pool.” Any time property was being uprooted, Shane saw an opportunity and felt a huge rush.

A window into the past

“There’s something about it,” said Shane. “You’re back in time, in a time capsule by yourself, bringing these people back, these people who were forgotten.” Among the forgotten was the New Orleans supernatural community, which Shane would uncover next.

100 cannonballs

In one of his searches, for instance, Shane ended up finding over 100 cannonballs — leftovers from an era when pirates walked the streets — as well as an old carriage and some clay marbles. He gained more and more confidence as he searched, and his next discovery only pushed him harder.