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20 Amazing Military Hacks To Make Your Day-To-Day Life That Little Bit Easier

Most of us would find it difficult to even think about doing the kind of work that servicemen and women take on to keep our country safe. But it turns out that there are many things you can copy from the military on a day-to-day level. Here’s a look at 20 hacks that will help make your life that little bit easier – taking in everything from preventing blisters to fixing loose threads.

20. Use duct tape to prevent blisters

If you enjoy spending your downtime walking across national parks or running half-marathons, then this tip could be a godsend. Shoes that are worn in the military aren’t exactly renowned for their high level of comfort. And so servicemen and women will often resort to a staple of the hardware store for help.

Yes, the humble roll of duct tape can be super handy when it comes to keeping blisters at bay. All you need to do is stick some over the spots on the feet where your sneakers, shoes or boots are most likely to rub against. For some extra protection, place a Band Aid on the same area beforehand.

19. Powder wound with sugar

You might want to make sure you always have a bag of C&H’s finest in your cupboards for emergencies. And we aren’t just talking about whenever a neighbor pops around to borrow a cup of sugar. Apparently, the sweet stuff can also be very useful when it comes to treating wounds.

That’s right: sugar can serve as an unlikely kryptonite when it comes to dangerous bacteria. Powdering an open wound with some may stop infection from spreading, until more conventional treatments can be applied. And it can be in its usual form or as a paste, too.