Teen Girl's Boyfriend Dumped Her, And Then 66 Years Later She Received Concerning News

Frederick Paul and Florence Harvey seemed to be the perfect American couple. Although they were still only teens, they loved each other deeply and had even started making plans for their shared future. Then Frederick left town, and it looked as though they'd never see each other again. Nearly seven decades later, however, Florence ran into a familiar face at her brother’s retirement home. And she received some news that brought her to her knees.

Young love

For everyone who'd known the duo in their tiny village, this came as a shock. Frederick and Florence had been young when they had met, but they'd hit it off immediately. She had been 13, he had been 16, and it had all started at their two-room schoolhouse in 1951.

Blossoming relationship

In such a small school, the teens were bound to run into each other. And Frederick liked Florence right away, so he started accompanying her home from the schoolhouse. After their paths crossed, their feelings grew quickly, and they began spending as much time as they could together.

In the still of the night

Florence and Frederick fell deeply in love. They even struck up sweet traditions. "I would flick the porch light on and say goodnight to her, and then she would flick the light in her bedroom about 2,000 feet away," Frederick told People in 2021. All the signs pointed to a lasting relationship — but a change was coming.

Winds of change

Two years flew by, and love was in the air again: Frederick's sister was getting married. There was just one catch. Her wedding was in Nova Scotia, which was a long way away from Frederick and Florence's Canadian hometown of Wandsworth, Newfoundland. Frederick's father asked him to go walk his sister down the aisle. He'd have to leave town — and that meant temporarily leaving Florence.