The Cast Of 'A League Of Their Own,' 30 Years After Its Debut

Nostalgia for the 1980s and ’90s is with us in a big way. But while some celebs from that era are still going strong, others seem to have faded from the spotlight. So, what do those forgotten movie stars look like now? The reality may surprise you — especially if you only remember what they look like on screen. Take A League of Their Own’s Megan Cavanagh, for example. She played MVP Marla Hooch, but you’re more likely to see her all glammed up on the red carpet than standing on second base these days.

1. Jimmy Dugan (Tom Hanks)

It wasn’t just Cavanagh who would go on to have screen success after A League of Their Own. Several of her fellow former ballplayers are big stars even now. And while some of the cast were relatively unknown back then, others already had established careers. Take Tom Hanks, for example, who played the Peaches’ manager, Jimmy Dugan.

Wasn’t always an A-lister

The aptly named Big had arguably been Hanks’ greatest success before A League of Their Own. But although that movie had put the young actor firmly on the Hollywood map, his meteoric rise to superstardom didn’t occur until a little later. In fact, Hanks’ popularity would take a real hit after a few damaging silver-screen flops.

A big box-office draw

All the while, though, Hanks’ performances were solid. And after a series of underwhelming box-office efforts, the tide turned — and he saw a return to form after his role in A League of Their Own. Now, Hanks’ filmography includes such iconic movies as Philadelphia, Forrest Gump, and Saving Private Ryan. He’s also known as perhaps the nicest guy in Hollywood!

2. Doris Murphy (Rosie O’Donnell)

Another star to have risen from A League of Their Own is actress and TV host Rosie O’Donnell. She plays Doris Murphy, Mae Mordabito’s best friend. And as with Cavanagh, the role was O’Donnell’s Hollywood debut, though she’d had a few TV appearances before landing her part in the movie. Do you remember how she got her big break?