40 Kitchen Design Fails That Make Less Than Zero Sense

Kitchens are a place of zen. It's where you might read the morning news, get lost in seasonings and scents, or sit and visit with your family after a long day. That's why homeowners put a lot of money into making their kitchens perfect, but sometimes, contractors and designers fall short of creating winning culinary corners. And sometimes, they fall way short. We can hardly imagine acceptable excuses for these design fails!

Beam Stumble

Welcome to this lavish loft...with a most inconvenient beam in the kitchen. Not only does the massive post take away from the expensive layout of the place, but it looks like a great way to trip anyone going for a snack. Let's not think about navigating this at night.

Wet Circuit, No Problem

Just as they teach you in homebuilding 101: the light socket goes in the sink, right in the splash zone. Doing the dishes becomes a game of "can you finish before the water rises above the socket line?" Seems exhilarating.

Crammed Corner

Whoever built this kitchen must have spent about three seconds deciding where to stick the oven. For whatever reason, they considered it a good idea to stick the big appliance at a sharp angle, poking it into the cabinets. Good luck bending down at the right angle to take out a scalding hot pan!


There's a reason why drainage pipes are usually hidden within the walls: They do not look very good. These homeowners tried a new look to make their kitchen more modern, but we don't see exposed pipes in the kitchen ending up on HGTV anytime soon.