40 Gigantic Animals That May Be The Biggest Of Their Species

Big animals can be daunting to care for. The food bill alone can put a dent in any bank account. So imagine what it takes to care for an animal that is literally one of the largest of its kind to ever exist! From the cutest critters to the most terrifying creatures, these massive animals made headlines because they were just so darn huge.

40. This Flemish Giant

Believe it or not, there are rabbits the size of small children. Fittingly, ex-Playboy Bunny Annette Edwards breeds huge rabbits. This Flemish Giant, a type of rabbit, is still growing at 3ft 8in, catching up to his father who's 4ft long. The massive sizes would be considered terrifying if they just weren't so darn cute!

39. Romulus

Not too many people think much of donkeys. They always seem to be the butt of the joke, but let's stop assing around and look at one donkey to not take lightly. His name is Romulus, and at nearly 6 feet, this American Mammoth Jackstock is still the holder of the Guinness World Record for largest donkey. What've you been doing with your life lately?

38. Hulk

It's unfortunate that pit bulls have a bad rap, but fortunately, we have lovable icons like Hulk to show massive pitties can be charming and sweet. At nearly 200lbs, this massive pit bull is more heart than muscle, and became a part of this family. The kids love him because they can ride him like a pony!

37. Ludo

Even our feline friends have grown to new heights — literally! The maine coon is already a much larger breed of feline, but the very protective Ludo has blown away all records. At 3ft 10.5in, that's a whole lot of fluff, and even more love.