A Farmer Was Sick Of People Parking On His Land, So He Decided To Reap The Perfect Revenge

Pavao couldn't take it anymore. Week after week, people flocked to the flea market that was located close to his farm. But instead of parking their cars in a lot, the flea market shoppers would leave their cars smack dab on Pavao's property — without his permission, mind you. At his wits' end, Pavao knew he had to take matters into his own hands if he wanted to regain control of his land.

A mysterious connection

On the northwest side of Croatia sits Zagreb, the nation’s capital and most populous city. There are plenty of stories behind Zagreb’s interesting name; one legend has it that a hand-dug well brought water in the midst of a medieval drought. Za-grab- itself means “to dig.” Any readers with a flair for the dramatic may see a mysterious connection between Zagreb's name and the fate of one of the city's farmers...

Tourists vs. locals

The city itself also has a rich history and a celebrated culture, and this draws in tourists and locals alike. But wide-eyed tourists and seasoned locals don't always get along, especially when they come together at a place like Jakuševac – a Sunday-only flea market that takes place at the edge of the city.

A hot-spot in the city

Yes, people flock to Jakuševac because of the sheer number and variety of items on offer. In the flea market, one can buy, for example, a motorcycle, vintage clothes, and retro collectibles, all while sampling the local fare. Attendees also often bargain for lower prices on the items that catch their eyes.

Too close for comfort

While this might sound fun to the casual Sunday shopper, one Zagreb resident found himself frustrated by the visitors to the market every weekend. Pavao Bedekovic, a farmer, just so happened to own land right near the site of the weekly bazaar — a little too close, Pavao would probably claim.