19 Facts About Megyn Kelly That She’d Rather Keep Out Of The Headlines

After Megyn Kelly came to even further prominence during the 2016 presidential election campaign, the former Fox News star’s career has gone from strength to strength. Now, in fact, she even has her own morning show in Megyn Kelly Today. But as Kelly has become increasingly famous, certain aspects of her past have emerged that the host perhaps wishes had been simply forgotten. Take the following tidbits, for instance...

19. She wanted to be the new Matt Lauer

Kelly is seemingly nothing if not ambitious. Indeed, after climbing the ladder at Fox News and then making the leap to mega-stardom at NBC, she apparently had her sights set on another prize: The Today Show. And when Matt Lauer was ousted from his role on that program, rumors swirled that Kelly wanted to take his place. The coveted chair ended up going to Hoda Kotb, though.

18. She used to have abs of steel

Kelly hasn’t always worked as a journalist. In fact, back in the early 1990s, she even once flirted with a career in workout videos and appeared in Kathy Caiello’s Absolutely Abs. There, the future Fox News anchor can be spotted in the background in her lime-green leotard, crunching away.

17. She rebelled against her scholar dad

Kelly’s father was a liberal professor and an intellectual, and so she grew up with Ph.D. students gathered around, having abstract debates. But Kelly wanted no part of the scholarly life and would eventually quit her job as a lawyer in order to “get her hands dirty.” Sadly, Kelly’s father passed away when she was still in her sophomore year in high school.

16. She likes being a cowgirl

Kelly is apparently fond of the cowgirl life. Indeed, her husband Douglas Brunt has even claimed that her favorite childhood photo of herself sees her dressed in cowgirl gear. What’s more, the host’s idea of a dream vacation is apparently to spend time on a dude ranch.