Take A Peek Inside A Couple's DIY Fire Truck-Turned-Tiny House Sanctuary

John and Fin Kernohan’s mini firehouse on wheels is a unique home, even within the tiny house community. For one thing, it was the first of its kind: when the couple started this DIY project, no one had ever made a liveable tiny home out of a scrapped fire truck before. Maybe people shouldn’t be surprised, though. As founder of the United Tiny House Association (UTHA), John is one of the leading lights of the community and is seldom short of an innovative idea! Let’s take a peak inside this very special home — which serves an even more special purpose.

Welcome to Tiny Firehouse Station No. 9

Lovingly known as Tiny Firehouse Station No. 9, this is not your average DIY house; there’s no doubt about that. So why build a miniature firetruck home? Why not just a regular tiny house? Well, John has always felt a personal connection towards firefighters. Ever he since he was a small child, he has been captivated by the idea of firefighting and the people who risk their lives to do it. He told TODAY, “I still get excited when I see fire trucks!”

A home with a special message

It was this passion that led John to build a tiny firehouse — but it wasn’t just about fulfilling a childhood fantasy; he wanted this project to be a real tribute to the brave men and women he’s admired for so many years. His vision was to build something that was more than a novelty home on wheels, and so he was determined to make it functional, inspirational, and something that could have a positive impact on the community.

The tiny house lifestyle

John is no stranger to the tiny home life. He and his partner, Fin, built another tiny house that they lived in for years. Charmingly called “Beloved Cabin,” this eco-conscious, off-grid homestead is just over 300 square feet and is now rented out as an AirBnB. The enterprising couple have also played a large role in shining a spotlight on the tiny house movement. One way they do this is through their organization, the United Tiny House Association (UTHA).

Impacting people’s lives

“What I am most proud of is the direct impact we make in people’s lives,” John told Voyage ATL magazine in 2018. “We have helped put roofs over the heads of families, food on tables, life-saving equipment into fire departments, help further a student’s education… When I see all the happy faces, listen to the laughter, and witness so many people enjoying themselves at our events, I smile inside knowing that each of our attendees [is] supporting someone in need.”