When This Couple Were Renovating Their Old House, They Uncovered A Haunting Nest Of Occult Objects

Kerrie and Bleddyn Jackson are knocking away at the walls of their centuries-old Welsh property. And as the bricks crumble under the force of their tools, a collection of mysterious objects suddenly catches Bleddyn’s eye. This isn’t the first discovery the couple have made in their history-rich home, and it’s unlikely it’ll be the last, either. But what makes these items especially creepy is their link to the supernatural. Yep, what the pair discovered about their find is enough to send shivers down anyone’s spine.

Now, you’re probably wondering what on earth greeted Bleddyn when he peered into that dusty hole, right? Well, the first thing that jumped out at him – thankfully, not literally – was a stash of old boots. Totally random and unexpected, we know! But as the couple delved deeper into their home’s past, the eerie truth about the objects started to emerge.

Even when Bleddyn first made this bizarre discovery, it was obvious something didn’t quite add up. According to the couple, there were eight shoes inside the hole. But all of them were meant to be worn by left feet. That’s not all, either. While some were designed for male adults, others were fit for children.

As if the shoes weren’t weird enough, Bleddyn soon realized that more eerie objects were hidden away in this crevice. Yep, alongside the footwear, he uncovered a hat and pieces of a gun barrel. But perhaps the freakiest find of all was the skull, which looked like it had come from a horse.

Naturally, these discoveries left the Jacksons with a lot of questions. Their house dates back to the 16th century. So had the shoes, gun, hat and horse skull been resting there for all that time? And, perhaps more importantly, why on earth were they there in the first place?