Cop's Response To Shoplifters Leaves Store Owner Dumbfounded

When a pair of holiday shoppers were caught stealing at a grocery store in Somerset, Massachusetts, they had no idea what their fate was going to be — fines? Jail time? An embarrassing slap on the wrist? When the store clerk called the police, the shoplifters thought they were done for. But the cop's response actually left them in a state of complete shock.

Stop & Shop

It happened at a Stop & Shop supermarket in Somerset, Massachusetts, just five days before Christmas in 2020. That night, two women entered with the intent to make Christmas happen for their matter what the cost.

Caught Red Handed

Instead of scanning all of their items at self-checkout, the women began placing some in bags without scanning — stealing, in other words. They almost got away with it...until they were caught and sent to a loss prevention associate.

Calling The Cops

The women tried to explain what they were doing, but the loss prevention associate didn't listen. All the associate saw was two women stealing merchandise, so he did what he was trained for and immediately called the police. Minutes later, Officer Matthew Lima responded.  


Officer Lima showed up to find that the two women accused of stealing weren't alone. With them were two young children. Officer Lima soon discovered that the women couldn't contest the theft charges even if they wanted to because their receipt showed several missing items.