A-List Celebrities Who Own A Baffling Amount Of Real Estate

Some celebrities change houses like we change outfits, and in many cases they have properties all over the globe. That’s right, one home isn’t enough for these top-tier stars. They have mansions to spare, and one owns 14 just for themselves! So strap on your jealousy goggles and prepare to turn green with envy at these high-earning homeowners.

20. Ashton Kutcher

Number of homes: 3

Kutcher told website Insider in 2018 that he “was scared” when he bought his first home, but it looks like he’s since conquered those fears. Now the media mogul owns three houses in southern California with his Hollywood heartthrob Mila Kunis, each one worth several million dollars. Take their $10 million beach house in Carpinteria, for instance, a six-bed, six-bath seafront property with its own bar. 

Eight bathrooms

As if that’s not enough, he sold a glassy Hollywood Hills home to buy a property near Hidden Valley Road. It was a bit more expensive at $12 million, but the 9,385-square-foot property comes with half an acre of landscaped grounds. It also has five bedrooms and eight bathrooms. You know, just in case of emergencies. He apparently bought it when Kunis got pregnant, so maybe they’ll need those bathrooms after all. 

19. Kim Kardashian

Number of homes: 3

As you’d expect from a celebrity so famous that their booty broke the internet, Kim Kardashian has her pick of properties. In 2013 she and her then-husband Kanye West bought a mansion in Bel Air for a whopping $11 million, but who needs a house that costs chump change? They traded up for one almost twice the price near her momager, Kris Jenner. 

Personal vineyard

The new place in — you guessed it — Hidden Hills is a dream by any standards, with 3.5 acres of space, its personal vineyard, two spas and a couple of swimming pools. Yes, that’s one each. It evidently wasn’t hidden enough, though. You see, Kardashian wanted more privacy, and she had the funds to afford it. So they also bought the property next door too for a paltry $2.9 million. What a giveaway!