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A Man Abandoned As A Baby Grew Up To Be A Millionaire And Has A Truly Inspiring Story

The year is 1989, and married couple Nathan and Betty Mae Figgers are enjoying each other’s company in Quincy, Florida. But then, as they pass a nearby dumpster, a mysterious sound emerges. Curious, the pair edge closer and soon make a shocking discovery: the noise they can hear is a baby. Betty Mae and Nathan quickly welcome the abandoned child into their lives — with no inkling of the extraordinary accomplishments he’d go on to achieve.

Meeting Nathan and Betty Mae

Residents of Quincy, Nathan and Betty Mae had enjoyed quite the life together prior to finding the deserted baby. She held a job on a farm, while he plied his trade in maintenance. They were hard workers, but the couple still had time for each other at home. And you could hardly say they sat on their hands there, either.

Stepping up

You see, Betty Mae and Nathan absolutely loved kids. So, over several years, the duo opened their home to a number of youngsters in the foster care system, looking after them as best they could. Talk about stepping up! Yet for all that experience, neither Nathan nor Betty Mae were prepared for the events that transpired on that fateful day in 1989.

A newborn

By that point, Betty Mae and Nathan were both 50-plus and no doubt thought they’d seen everything. But that all changed when they stumbled upon the baby by the dumpster. To make matters even more heartbreaking, he was barely a couple of days old at the time. So without hesitation, the couple scooped him up, giving the newborn some much-needed attention.

Life-changing decision

What was their next move, though? Well, despite their age, Nathan and Betty Mae felt an irrepressible urge to welcome the baby into their family — permanently. On that note, they went on to complete the adoption process, naming the youngster Freddie. Thanks to their kindness, he now had a chance to live a life that he nearly missed out on.